Sun suits for dogs



Welcome to bromelli. Your dog is an important member of your family and like the rest of the family needs protection from the harsh Australian sun. At bromelli we believe your dog's health is important and protecting them from the sun is essential to having a happy, healthy pet.

bromelli sunsuits will help in protecting your dog from common skin cancers caused by too much sun exposure and may assist in the prevention and relief of contact allergies.

bromelli sun suits are designed to cover those areas of the dog lacking any pigmentation and with little or no hair.

The area most likely to need protection is the under belly.

These suits can be made with long or short leg lengths out of the following fabrics.

cotton Cotton Lycra - This fabric that allows good air circulation and has a high degree of stretch giving the dog maximum comfort and flexibility. There are range of colours available in this fabric.
atlanta Atlanta Sports lycra - Good for the active dog that likes to swim or needs a tougher fabric for an active life. Atlanta fabric only comes in black.
denim Tuff Stuff Denim- This is for the outdoor dog that enjoys the rough and tumble of life. Stretch denim is used on the side panels of the suit to add another layer of protection against 'gravel rub' and other harsh outdoor elements. The denim is matched with a cotton lycra for the underbelly and legs to allow for as much comfort and coolness as possible.

Long or short legs?

- Long leg suits may be beneficial in protecting your dog from contact allergies.

long legsredlongchloe


Each suit is made to measure so that the fit is as comfortable for the dog as possible.

If you wish to order one of these suits please complete the order form and measurement form following the instructions given carefully.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice and information.


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